About Me

Welcome to Willow Designz

Willow Designz has been inspired by me, Alison Hare. I have started this journey from a love and passion for jewellry and a fascination of gemstones. My real drive of creating Willow Designz was to design a job that I loved and that would create a better lifestyle for myself and my family and also from the real pleasure of handmaking something that I can gift for someone else.

The signature look for Willow Designz features a spectrum of semi-precious smooth and faceted stones in particular the Howlite stone blended beautifully with Sterling silver or plated Rose gold beads and charms. All of my gemstone bracelets are handmade by me. 

Make sure to keep an eye out, as I continue to expand my shop, sourcing new items to add to my jewellery collections. Handmade is my passion and my goal is to provide affordable jewellery through community markets and through my online shop.