Frequently asked Questions


Q: What are your payment methods available?

A: At the moment Willow Designz accepts Paypal and Credit card payments.


Q: What are Willow Designz postage costs?

A: Willow Designz has a flat rate shipping cost of $8.95 anywhere within Australia or free shipping for orders over $100 within Australia.

Canada and United states is $15, and the rest of the world is $10.


Q: What are your processing times, from my purchase to you sending?

A: If paying for your purchase by Credit Card there is a processing time of 3 to 5 business days before we receive your funds. During this time Willow Designz will prepare your order and post as soon as this payment is cleared.

If paying via PayPal, your purchase is usually instant and therefor Willow Designz will endeavor to post your order within 1 to 5 business days.


Q: Does Willow Designz make any custom made jewellery to order?

A: If it is a simple request and we have the beads available, we may be able to add beads or change them around. If you would like something special for a wedding or bulk order and we have plenty of notice at least 45 days it can be achieved. 


Q: What if I would like my purchase as a gift?

A: All Willow Designz orders are packaged in a gift bag or box. This is regardless of if you are purchasing a gift for yourself or someone special. If your purchase is a gift, and you would like it sent directly to the person you’re buying for, you may also leave a note on checkout, leaving the name and address.  


Q: What stringing material do you use for your bracelets?

A: To make our bracelets suitable for most wrist sizes, Willow Designz beaded bracelets are mostly made using strong, excellent quality stretchy, elastic thread. The elastic thread is resilient and flexible, but probably will break if stretched to far. Everyday wear, putting on and off will be fine.

Willow Designz also have a range of beaded bracelets which include a clasp and extension chain. These bracelets use strong flexible wire.


Q: Will my jewellery from Willow Designz tarnish or discolour?

A:  At Willow Designz, we have tried to the best of our ability, to use top quality jewellery findings and beads. We source them from all over the world. Most of our metal jewellery is made from Sterling Silver or plated rose gold.

Please refrain from using hairspray and perfumes with earrings and necklaces on, as this may discolour delicate beads, Rose gold and Sterling Silver used.

To preserve the life of your jewellery, avoid water, perfume or lotions. Always remove the jewelry before shower, sleep & exercise.


Q: How to look after your polymer clay earrings?

 A: Our polymer clay jewellery is all handmade by us. Our hooks are sterling silver & our stud backs are hypoallergenic stainless steel.

We recommend to store your earrings out of direct sunlight, in an appropriate earring holder where backs can't get bent,

Minimize exposure to excessive heat, water and perfumes,

Our pieces are made strong, although please avoid bending or dropping as breakages can still occur,

The clay pieces can be wiped with a damp cloth and then buffed with a dry cloth.


Q: How to look after your gemstone bracelets?

A:  Our gemstone bracelets are made with high quality stretchy elastic.

Minimize exposure to excessive heat, water and perfumes,

Our pieces are made strong, although please avoid over stretching or dropping as breakages can still occur,

The gemstones can be wiped over with a damp cloth and then buffed with a dry cloth.


Q: Do you do wholesale?

A: At the moment Willow Designz is open for wholesale orders but this may be shut down if there are to many.